Heerema Preventive Medical Examination (PME)

Heerema Preventive Medical Examination (PME)

Heerema organises Preventive Medical Examinations (PME) as part of its HR policy to strengthen the health and long-term employability of its employees. The purpose of this examination is to further improve employee well-being and address health risks or problems early on. This PME is performed by MediWerk.

The PME will take place in two stages. We will start with the questionnaires, from which you will receive an invitation. Following the questionnaires, the office employees will be offered a physical test. The exact dates are to be determined. All employees have the possibility to schedule an appointment for a consultation with a health expert.

Invitation to register

Employees will receive an email inviting them to take part in the Preventive Medical Examination. The email will contain a link to register on the Johan platform provided by MediWerk, the organisation conducting the examinations for Heerema.

How do you sign up?

To sign up, you will receive an email with a link, with which you can create your account with us. Perhaps you have already seen this email, and already completed your registration. If you have not done this yet, here are a few tips:

  • It is better to use your private email-address. This way you can always get to your personal results.
  • Keep your mobile phone close: you will receive a verification code via SMS or authentication app.  
  • This SMS will come from our software-supplier JOHAN. This is necessary for your privacy!
  • After registering, you will automatically be redirected to your highly-secured Health Dashboard.
  • In this dashboard you will find your test results along with all sorts of tips and information to be able to actively work on your own health and vitality.
  • There are a couple of questionnaires available for you, in the menu of your Health Dashboard. Please take the time to fill them in. You do not have to complete them all at the same time. After completing the questionnaires, you will receive your results immediately, along with feedback.

What to expect from the PME/Preventive Medical Examination

PME  Mental Health Questionnaires (now)

  • TNO’s Sustainable Employability Index (scan to gain a complete insight into the sustainable employability of employees and organizations)
  • Covid-19 Medical Survey
  • Healthy living
  • Healthy working

A consultation with a lifestyle coach special for you

Heerema offers, special for you, a consultation with a health specialist from mediwerk. On the basis of your results from the PME, you can choose to have a consultation with a specialist. Through this link or through the Johan portal you can indicate whether you would like a consultation with a specialist.

All employees have the possibility to schedule an appointment for a consultation with a health expert.

PME Physical tests for office employees from September

  • Targeted questionnaire
  • Biometrics (height-weight-blood pressure)
  • Blood sample from the finger (glucose-cholesterol)
  • ECG (a record of the electrical rhythm of the heart)
  • Visual examination + Computer screen examination


Mediwerk works on the Johan BV software. Technical measures have been taken within this software to ensure that the data contained within this software is optimally protected. One of these measures is, for example, that you must protect your account with both a password and a telephone number. This prevents others from entering your account, even if they guessed your password.

Secure and encrypted

The personal test results are stored encrypted and are only accessible to you. The storage of data meets the strict requirements of NEN7510 in accordance with the legislation and regulations for healthcare institutions and healthcare professionals.

If you have any questions, please contact us by email, using the email address: di@mediwerk.nl