All-round occupational health and safety service

Improve your business results with tailored occupational health and safety services

Paying attention to the health of your employees increases their productivity by 5% and reduces absenteeism by 15%.

Does your organisation suffer from staff turnover and increasing absenteeism? Are you behind the times and do you have to do your best to comply with the rules of the Working Conditions Act? This has a serious impact on your business results. Fortunately, a good health and safety service will help your company’s profitability.

Why a health and safety service?

A health and safety service provider is there to unburden you with absence prevention and guidance, advice on sustainable employability, improving your image as an employer and advising on legislation and regulations. With a good health and safety service provider, you will have more attentionfor the health of your employees, you will improve their motivation, productivity, and you will increase the turnover of your organisation.

Why MediWerk?

Did you know that only 9% of the employees is truly engaged in their work? MediWerk is an all-round occupational health and safety service which has been working to increase this rate since 2012. We are committed to vital, healthy and motivated employees. We do this by focusing on health and safety. We specialise in surprising solutions for complex circumstances. Our services are characterised by a proactive, personal approach, customisation, and our flexible attitude. For example, we do not have strict office hours and are available 24/7.

Request a non-bnding quote, or contact our consultant and find out how we can improve your business results, starting with:

  • Insight into the current state of health and safety within your organisation.
  • Areas for improvement in terms of working more efficiently or compliantly and reducing costs.
  • Advice on services and interventions tailored to your business.
  • Understanding the costs of improving occupational health.
  • Personal contact and short lines of communication with an advisor to discuss your situation.
  • Complete non-commitment: you are not tied to anything.