Boater licence examination

Boater licence medical examination

If you are active or working in the shipping industry, you are required to undergo a periodic medical examination. This is because you are exposed to health and safety risks. Your physical and mental health is of great importance to the performance of your job. At MediWerk you can schedule your Pleasure Craft Operators Card & Boatmaster’s Licence examination quickly and without any waiting times. Our certified medical doctors carry out the medical examination for boater certificates in accordance with the inspection guidelines of the Human Environment and Transport Inspectorate (ILT).

When applying for a boatmaster’s licence or Rhine certificate (helmsman, skipper), a Pleasure Craft Operators Card (small commercial shipping, pleasure craft) or a shift booklet (sailor), you must always be able to present an inland navigation medical certificate that shows that you meet the inspection requirements for inland navigation.

If you have a boatmaster’s licence, Rhine certificate, shift booklet or Pleasure Craft Operators Card, you must comply with the same inspection requirements for inland navigation. For the Pleasure Craft Operators Card, you do not generally need to be examined, and a completed personal statement will suffice. In case of doubt, contact our medical doctors obligation-free.

Here, you can schedule your examination at an examination location of choice


What to bring for the boater licence examination


What the boater licence examination encompasses

Duration: 20 minutes
The examination consists of:

  • Questionnaire
  • Biometric testing: measuring height, weight, heart rate and blood pressure
  • Eye examination (far and near, and a colour-blindness test)
  • Hearing test
  • Physical examination
  • Urinalysis
  • On medical grounds: blood test


Examination locations for inland shipping examinations

At Mediwerk, you can go to one of the following three examination locations for your inland shipping examination:


Rotterdam and The Hague area
Do you live or work in the Rotterdam area? Then you are welcome at our branche office in Schiedam.
Jan van Galenstraat 62
3115 JG Schiedam


Amsterdam and Utrecht area
If you live in the Amsterdam and Utrecht area, then you are welcome at our branche office in Hoofddorp.
Siriusdreef 3 – Transpolispark
2132 WT Hoofddorp


Den Helder area
Luchthavenweg 6F
1786 PP Den Helder

Here, you can schedule your examination at an examniation location of choice


Why choose the medical examination doctors of MediWerk

  • There are no waiting times at MediWerk
  • We are available 24/7 (including weekends)
  • We are OGUK/NOGEPA certified
  • We are specialists in the offshore, marine & energy sectors
  • You can park free of charge

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Validity of the boater licence medical examination

Your inland navigation medical examination is valid for a limited period only. The frequency of medical examinations depends, among other things, on the validity of your boater licence and your age. Oher criteria are the following:

  • From the age of 50, the examination must take place every 5 years. From the age of 65, the examination must take place every year;
  • Pleasure Craft Operators Card: an examination is required on first application for this licence. From the age of 65, the examination must take place every 3 years.
  • The personal statement for senior citizens has been abolished. Seniors aged 70 and over were required to submit a personal statement every 5 years. This limitation of the validity period of the Pleasure Craft Operators Card has been abolished.
  • If you do not sail the ship for which you need a Pleasure Craft Operators Card, you can postpone its renewal. You do not run the risk of having to take another exam;
  • If you no longer sailing professionally, you can have your Rhine certificate or your Boatmaster’s licence converted by VAMEX into a Pleasure Craft Operators Card.