Hazard identification and risk assessment

HIRA (RI&E) stands for identifying and assessing the risks in your workplace and is compulsory for all employers (except for the self-employed). It is the basis for preventive measures. In an organisation with complex working conditions and high health and safety risks, this is an even more important basis. Advice and prevention for those circumstances are our speciality.

Our HIRA (RI&E) process

We start a HIRA (RI&E) with a detailed assessment of the health and safety risks in your organisation. Then, together with you, we categorise the risks into high, medium and low priorities. This may, for example, include identifying hazardous workplaces, processes and situations. Based on the evaluation and prioritisation, we write a solution-oriented plan of action, including action points and a timetable. In addition, we map out job profiles with corresponding risk profiles. This we do especially for jobs with high work and safety pressure.

Have you had your HIRA (RI&E) for some time now, or have any changes been made within the organisation? Then have your HIRA (RI&E) updated. We will be happy to help you re-evaluate working conditions and review your measures.