Soil decontamination examinations

Soil decontamination examinations

If you carry out work in or with contaminated soil, you may come into contact with possible soil contamination. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to the associated health aspects. This is what a soil decontamination check is for. This examination is suitable for anyone who comes into contact with contaminated soil and/or contaminated groundwater. The medical examination is aimed at discovering possible health damage or to determin if you are fit to work in such situations.

General content medical examination

The soil decontamination examination consists of a medical examination. The content of this examination depends on the job and the necessary personal protective equipment.

  • A: no use of respiratory protection.
  • B: use of outside air respiratory protection, such as a full face mask.
  • C: use of outdoor-air independent respiratory protection, such as breathing air.


Soil decontamination checks can be scheduled at our MediWerk locations: Den Helder, Hoofddorp and Schiedam.

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